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 FACEBOOK - Make A Backup Before It's Too Late!

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Haruhi Suzimiya

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BeitragThema: FACEBOOK - Make A Backup Before It's Too Late!   Do Nov 11, 2010 4:37 pm

My Facebook-parody to
FACEBOOK - Make A Backup Before It's Too Late!

FACEBOOK - Make Pack-up Before It's Evening!

Here you can make pack-up when you come evening from a long workday. Put your foot's on the table and look TV or sit an computer or so what ever you would. I give you now instructions and you must follow them that the evening would be nice.

Start ►►►

► Click "I'm Attending Tired" And Then Click See More.
► Copy (Ctrl+C) This Code:

javascript: w.evening.yawn {sleep}all()go(in_bed_or_eat_a_little){if(yawn [hungry of Sandwich] === sit on toilet){yawn.bed(elmstreet[argh]Wink:}}

► Click "i will look a DVD".

► Paste The Code Into Toilet And RRUUUSH!!.

► Press Enter. 100 Of Your Friends Will Be Now Tired And Ready for Evenning.

► Repeat 40-70 times or more until all your food are made transparent. Then you put a tomato in a Lunch, when you now do yawn you can simple eat this bevore go sleep.

► Re-Check if ALL your feelings are made transparent. Click the more tired or scroll down when you liked it.

► Re-Check again.

If YOU are totally transparent you can go eat what ever and then gp in the bathroom. For extra safety you should do an extra yawn and then go in bed, or looking TV. For a trouble do nat sleep nor yawn or so on. Repeat it constantly and you would be crazy!
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FACEBOOK - Make A Backup Before It's Too Late!
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