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Haruhi Suzimiya

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BeitragThema: - Costumer Elephant, plague site and iDiots troll   Sa Dez 11, 2010 12:35 pm

Dear asdf,
How are you? I would like to pain you with really bad
textes, where mainly run around various phrases in the famous
facebook community. Now the company is under construction, all
of the iDiots, elephantes and unreadable words are free to post anywhere.
...The xgdfa text is the best service to spam, and would you
make original happy which are very simple to copy-paste in good HD-quality.
Its even really a good for take the 8 Endless Eight Episodes to give
a good image and taking down the Haruhi Movie in action!
Let's do it! Just go with it, and you will eat a big tasty and munch it.
Mr. Thunderfart will thank you and sing a trololo with Eduard Khil.
The web address: www.( and www.asdf.)
Please put the parentless,then you can open your website.

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